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Why Crossover Marketing?

Art & Fashion can express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies, and ideals to which human beings can aspire. It represents beauty, solace, talent, brilliance, genius, vision, and the materialization of hope, faith, and the courage of conviction. The artists has become the one who is doing long-term thinking about what is happening, and reflect back to us through works of art. With a vision to match brands with artists as a way to create unique marketing experiences, while helping up and coming artists connect with brands in a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship, we launched this specialized practice in brokering deals between artists and brands. Today, there are already many successful examples of marriage between brands and art for the sake of marketing. As long as there has been a need to market products or services the art world has provided both ideas and credibility for many a well-known campaign. Selected approaches include: Commission artists to create work in accordance with marketing strategies.

Why Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation that Disrupts your Industry,Not your Business

Digital transformation is not just about updating your website. It transforms, streamlines, modernizes and serves your business for a truly customer-centric business model.

We help brands uncover their potential and become the leader in their industry. We work with existing systems or integrate new solutions to enhance your internal processes. From improving process efficiency to providing awe-inspiring customer experiences, our team has proven expertise in:
CRM solutions and API connectivity;Digital systems architecture;Technology design and build;Auditing existing in-house systems;Customer-centric solutions and user experience.

With digital buyer penetration looking to hit 81% of its 1.34 billion population, there is no doubt that China is an enticing market for foreign companies looking to do business, yet many rely on third-party platforms or distributors to build their brand with little control on how this is done.

Loftooo & IMS Group offers brands a convenient solution to connecting with customers in the China market


Some Fun Facts about our agency
We won creative awards in ROI
NO. 1
We are a leading agency in crossover marketing
54 %
We built successful compaign conversion rate more than
We consistently served our clients more than
Art Experiential Marketing

Latest Works

Pepsi UTC Concept Store 百事盖念店2018

百事携手Alexander Wang再次重磅上线,无糖黑罐诠释黑色新主张,百事号召粉丝揭盖赢跨界限量单品,媒体争相报道,时尚KOL发声,火速占据话题的制高热点,百事盖念店,创造无限可能,率先颠覆传统促销UTC平台,联名国内外先锋设计师,掌握最IN潮流装备,开启年轻创造新平台。

Pepsi × Alexander Wang 百事跨界亚力山大王,打造最潮百事盖念店

百事携手Alexander Wang的重磅上线,无糖黑罐诠释黑色新定义,百事号召粉丝揭盖赢跨界限量单品,媒体争相报道,时尚KOL发声,火速占据话题的制高热点,百事盖念店,创造无限可能,率先颠覆传统促销UTC平台,联名国内外先锋设计师,掌握最IN潮流装备,开启年轻创造新平台。
Pepsi and Loftooo initiated discussions on the UTC Promotion projects for year 2017  . Pepsi and Loftooo proposed to discuss the direction of brand and promotion upgrades, and proposed the concept of cooperation between Pepsi Black and Alexander Wang. … …

Pepsi Pop up Store 百事盖念店快闪店

百事盖念店快闪店全国落地40多站。百事盖念店,创造无限可能,率先颠覆传统促销UTC平台,联名国内外先锋设计师,掌握最IN潮流装备,开启年轻创造新平台。瓶盖是获取盖念店潮品唯一货币,扫码进入盖念店 输入盖内串码 即可获取潮品,集结潮人一起玩转百事盖念店,线下快闪店更是直击潮品魅力。

Visa Mobile Conference移动数据大会

The design task of this event is to design a booth in a space of 70 square meters, stand out among many big brands, so that the opponent’s space of 200 square meters should not be too conspicuous! … …

Siemens Campaign KV 西门子家电视觉创意

Siemens seldom sponsors the Youth Olympic Games. However, client wants to take use of this hot events. Since the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, the client’s headquarters, so the creative agency was briefed to not necessary to use the elements of the Olympics directly but it is necessary to use sporty style creation to interpret the brand and transform the function of the product … …

Digital Transformation Agency

About IMS Group

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is a digital transformation agency
that uses technological solutions for data-driven strategies that transform
businesses. We believe in agility, transparency, and most of all, results.


IMS helps clients to build, manage, monitor, and analyse an integrated, cross-
channel platform to provide a seamless customer experience, maximising ROI
and market potential. We engage with all levels of our client organizations to
drive the momentum and to translate these strategies into practical and
sustainable actions, streamlining internal processes and increasing productivity.
Our insight into the emerging trends in technological and market development
helps our clients achieve their business goals and exceed their expectations.
Trust Worthy Partner to our clients

Why Clients Choose US?

We work with brands to accelerate their growth through the conceptualization
and deployment of their digital strategy. We’re a one-stop shop, offering
comprehensive, tailored solutions to help organizations unleash their full potential.
Whether clients want to build their corporate image, launch a new product,
refresh an existing product or appeal to a new target audience, we make sure
everyone is on the same page. Loftooo have a defined process to pull out and document
clients key messages and align them to the audiences. Once we define those we work to
develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages
heard in all the right places.
Every clients’ marketing campaign should complement and lead to one another.
Better integration and optimization should lead to a stronger brand proposition,
increased brand engagement and interaction and of course a better return on marketing investment.
At Loftooo the thing that drives us is getting to the right solution, so we don’t
have a preference for a particular medium. We’re not just a agency service provider:
our goal is to become your long-term strategic partner and help grow
your business and uncover opportunities.

Trust Worthy Partner to our clients

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