Loftooo,is the leading experiential marketing experts headquartered in Shanghai, offering diverse & results-driven solutions in strategy, creative designs, viral campaigns, PR & event management ,digital marketing and art & fashion crossover marketing to multi-national companies and their brands.

Loftooo team has more than 18 years’ experience in creative design, marketing communication ,digital marketing and art & fashion crossover marketing . Serving many of the world’s top 500 clients, Loftooo is deeply engaged in the strategic and creative services of international brands in China, providing clients with professional integrated solutions through creative performance, resource integration, crossover marketing, fashion and art integration marketing ,Digital Data access and other methods to upgrade management, reduce costs and increase market share .

Loftooo’s crossover management services helps clients, their retailers as well as their manufacturers reach targeted consumers by integrating with other fields to minimize the cost of marketing investment. By constructing a consumer friendly item mix, improving communication visibility, create optimal sales layouts and effective promotion materials, Loftooo strives to help clients reach their crossover collaboration management goals.

Success is a strong marriage of business and brand strategies.

Whether clients want to build their corporate image, launch a new product, refresh an existing product or appeal to a new target audience, we make sure everyone is on the same page. Loftooo have a defined process to pull out and document clients key messages and align them to the audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages heard in all the right places.

Advertisement hold important role of key success factor in marketing act. It is used to bring product’s information, introduce a new product or build brand image to their customer.

Loftooo marketing program ensures that we define our clients’ positioning and offer before we start on the creativity and channel selection. Our strategy are created to carry a compelling proposition that will generate real impact, and we ensure media delivers a good ROI.